Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Closer Examination of Skinwalkers in Indian Country and 'HIGH UINTA MOON' by Randee Redwillow

Review of' HIGH UINTA MOON' by Randee Redwillow and A Closer Examination of Skinwakers in Indian Country.
By Mike Raccoon Eyes Kinney

I know many of you here in Indian Country have been waiting for my review of Ute author RanDee RedWillow'...s novel: 'HIGH UINTA MOON' about Skinwalkers on the Ute reservation in the 21st Century. 'HIGH UINTA MOON is the first novel in Ms. RedWillow's series of the Moon Fire Sagas. Words to describe this novel are spelling-binding, powerful, stunning ,savage and masterfully crafted to say the least. This powerful novel is highly accurate in the traditional cultural and spiritual aspects of the belief and value system of how in Indian Country views the Skinwalker phenomena.

The simplest definition that I might give as having investigated skinwalkers for years is as follows: the ability to wear animal skins of North American wildlife such as Bear, Wolf, Coyote or Cougar as example, while still retaining the power of human mind and physical transform from a physical human being into the actually physical animal of whose skins they wear or the ability to create a three dimensional hologram of the physical animal.

Skinwalkers themselves are very much real human beings, who in many cases are negative Native doctors who have incredible paranormal,spiritual gifts and powers that are used to create chaos, mayhem, killing and murder. These individuals in some cases are actually are paid and retained for these deadly, evil skills and abilities to inflict on Native individuals, families or some cases entire Native communities.

Skinwalkers have always been among us here in Indian Country since the dawn of time. On the Colorado Plateau in the states of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico there are over 100,000 known Meso-American sites of the pre-historic Publeo peoples with their awesome cities found in locations like Canyon de Chelly, Chaco, and Mesa Verde and through out the valleys and Mountains of the Southwest can be found numerous petroglyphs and pictograms in these ancient cities of skinwalker activities then and in some cases ceremonies that had been done in these cities of the Ancient Ones to contain and control skinwalker activities.

As an example, I can remember a few years back I had been invited by a Navajo family in Chile, Arizona high in the Chuska Mountains next to Canyon de Chelly to help aid them in paranormal wars against the Skinwalker doctors there. Upon my arrival there that night, I pitched a small dome shaped tent on my friends land. I knew I could probably expect skin walker activity and I was prepared with my medicines to prevent any attacks against myself. During the course of the night, I heard definite growling sounds and some type of a four legged 'animal' circling my tent, noises that sounded like pots and pans dropping from the night sky , unseen forces at work trying to drive me away from my friends home in fear. The next morning after about 2 hours sleep, I got up and inspected outside of my tent, there were nothing but coyote tracks! I followed the tracks for about 1,000 feet in the sandy driveway only to discover the coyote footprints had turned into HUMAN FOOTPRINTS! The human tracks stopped at the main road by their home.I advised my friends quickly as to what happened, we jumped in their truck in pursuit of the skinwalker.

We had driven about a tenth of mile only to discover the skinwalkers had killed and murdered over 20 head of sheep, 3 horses and 9 goats, all laying on their sides dead! A combination of coyote and human foot prints were found at the killing field and many of the coyote tracks revealed that the 'coyotes' had stood right side up on there hind legs during the attack. A series of vets and animal doctors came to the site and their conclusions were all of the livestock had been traumatized and had died of massive strokes!

Through out Indian Country there are hundreds of killings, murders and homicides of Native people go unexplained and are not solved each year. However many Indian Country law-enforcement jurisdictions now believe that many of these crime scenes are due to skinwalker activities. As an example, the elite Navajo Nation Rangers have been trained professionally for some years now in both paranormal and spiritual investigations not only involving skinwalkers but Howlers, Bigfoot, the Dogman and other entities that may in effect be responsible for killings, murder and homicides that occur there on the Navajo Big Rez.

So with that backdrop, we come to RanDee RedWillow's novel: 'HIGH UINTA MOON', about skinwalkers on the Ute reservation in the 21st century. In her bone-chilling novel such a law-enforcement jurisdiction exists in the 21st century on the Ute reservation at Uinta and Ouray. The lead character is a young 19 year old Ute woman named Kai Moon, a gifted and talented student who graduated from high school at the age of 16 and completed her university and police academy in both criminology and law enforcement, as well had focused on Native America cultures and beliefs. Upon returning home to Fort Duchesene, Kai has been accepted and appointed as both a state and federal law enforcement agent and tribal cop on the Ute reservation. She starts investigations of the many defiled Ute archaeological sites where human remains were to be found,and other stranger disturbances at these Ute sacred sites .

Soon the trail leads Kai to skinwalkers who have killed and murdered two local high school basketball players .Now everyone is counting on Kai to hunt down the skinwalkers. Kai and her elite team of Ute warriors must capture the skinwalkers who have been terrorizing the Ute people before any more children are stolen or murdered. The paranormal war against the Skinwalker is waged across the entire Uinta-Ouray reservation, each killing and murder of victims more grim and violent than the one before those. Kai Moon and her husband to be Takoda Old Horse wage a paranormal counter-offensive against the pack of Skinwalkers.

Ms. RedWillow in her novel is very highly detailed about traditional Ute ceremonies, prayer and other aspects of elder Holy Medicine men. Her narratives of these spiritual descriptions are inspiring, powerful and moving. She brings the very best of Indian Country to the reader. But as well her narratives and descriptions of the acts of violence, mutilation and vile acts against the victims is not pleasant to read but are vital and necessary to this masterfully crafted and spelling binding work she has created.

One part that intrigued me was the use of 'medicine bullets' to be fired from Kai Moon's striker force's hand pistols and long guns at the wolf Skinwalker pack. In some parts of Navajo country, medicine bullets are dipped in white ash, which will cause a skinwalker to revert back to it's human form.

The spiritual and cultural aspects of this book are both traditional and authentic. 'HIGH UINTA MOON' is spellbinding, it was masterfully created, it was a joy to read and kept me up until the wee hours of the early morning simply because I did not want to stop reading it! RanDee RedWillow most be considered to be one of the best authors to come out of Indian Country in the past 50 years. She is a powerful writer, who writes a powerhouse novel for sure.